Benefits of Silk Pyjamas and Clothing

Benefits of Silk Pyjamas and Clothing

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Bring a luxe feature edit to your lounging, sleepwear or ready-to-wear aesthetic with a high-end silk set or separate piece. Silk continues to capture the homewares and fashion world’s attention thanks to its unmatched luxurious look. Its elevated detailing makes it a high-style sleepwear, bedding, accessories and fashion fabrication. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, what makes silk so special?

Silk has a long and impressive list of benefits that range from its obvious elevated aesthetic. This weave is lightweight, breathable, natural, moisture wicking - the list goes on.

To start, one of the benefits of silk is that it is a naturally derived weave, making it an ethical and sustainable bedding, accessories and clothing choice. It is known to be biodegradable, to use less water and chemicals during the manufacturing process. 

Silk is known to be hypoallergenic, making it specifically appealing for sleepwear and bedding. One of the main benefits of silk pyjamas is that it captures less dust mites than other weaves, making it a great option for those with sensitive skin. It’s also just really soft on your skin, one of the many benefits of silk sleepwear, bedding, accessories and clothing. 

Silk has also gained its popularity thanks to its temperature-regulating properties. This naturally derived fabrication works to keep you cool in hotter months and warm in colder months. So with that, is silk breathable? The short answer is yes. Silk is lightweight, breathable and easy to wear, no matter the temperature. The benefits of silk clothing, sleepwear, bedding and accessories speak for themselves. We’re loving wearing our Papinelle washable silk sleepwear both to bed and as a season-to-season ready-to-wear aesthetic. 

Customers often ask us if silk is good for skin. We’re honestly obsessed with sleeping on our silk pillowcases, including our Audrey Boxed Silk Pillow Case Slip, thanks to silks’s anti-aging properties. For that same reason, we’re a little bit obsessed with sleeping in our Audrey Boxed Silk Sleep Eye Mask. It has been said that this weave helps to reduce the signs of wrinkles, with its smooth touch minimising friction and creasing during sleep. 

We’re obviously champions of all things silk thanks to its breathable and lightweight look and feel, its sustainable attributes and so much more. We’re also a little bit obsessed with the versatility of silk pyjamas, seamlessly moving from sleepwear to ready-to-wear fashion. We encourage the Papinelle Sleepwear shopper to wear their silk pyjama set out to dinner with a pair of high heel strappy stilettos or at home with a pair of neutral toned slippers. Talk about versatile fashion!

For all things silk and it's many benefits, feel free to chat to our friendly Papinelle team. Shop silk sleepwear and more online and in store today.