As part of our newly launched Sleep Edit, we have searched for the very best products on the market to aid in the best night’s sleep of your life. We are so thrilled to have The Goodnight Co. as part of this carefully curated edit. We were recently in touch to chat about Australian made products, sustainable design and their top tips for the best night's sleep. The Goodnight Co. produces all-natural products to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and to aid in waking up feeling refreshed. They offer a broad range of sleep solutions, from homeopathic tinctures to mists, oils and sleep masks. You can find the The Goodnight Co. Essential Oil Trio and Deep Sleep Drops plus other beautiful sleep-focused products in our Sleep Edit Collection now online and in Papinelle boutiques.

We are so delighted to have The Goodnight Co. as part of our newly launched Sleep Edit. What it is about your product that you feel differentiates it from the rest?

The Goodnight Co.’s products are Australian made and derived from 100% natural ingredients. Our range of products have been scientifically formulated to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up looking and feeling your best. Our reviews speak for themselves, with customers all over Australia and the US speaking about how our products have changed their sleep for the better!

What are your thoughts on the importance of sustainable design and business practice.

Sustainable design and business practice are a non-negotiable in business today. At The Goodnight Co. we love working to uphold these values and are always striving to improve our practices as new technology becomes available. 


Give us a little known fact or back-story about on elf your beautiful products that people may not know.

Earlier this year we launched our Menopause Drops, which came about after we realised the lack of education and support out there for women. Menopause is a non-negotiable in life for all women and as female founders, we saw the opportunity to help women everywhere get a good night’s sleep, even in this stage of their life. Although not every customer of ours has or will experience Menopause, we would like to hope that by developing this product we’ve raised awareness about a seemingly taboo subject.


What are your top tips for the best night’s sleep of your life?

My number one tip for your best night’s sleep is definitely creating a sleep routine. This is something that you stick to every night consistently, so that your body and mind can prepare for a good night’s sleep. This can be as simple as reducing light exposure in the evenings by dimming all lights (not just screens), switching off technology at least an hour before bed and putting on your sleep mask when it’s time to rest. 

Images: The Goodnight Co.