Exhale and unwind with our newest addition. Gift yourself the gift of a good nights sleep. Blended lavender, eucalyptus, & chamomile adorn this new bed &  bath collection. Fittingly named “sleep therapy”, this range promises to guide you into a space of therapeutic bliss.


Each product has been designed with love and care, with no detail missed. The scents and ingredients have all been carefully picked to enchance your downtime and promote sound sleep. Our goal is to keep every woman feeling fresh, radiant, and balanced.


Roll away the fuss of the day with our sleep therapy pulse point. Apply during the day or before bed to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress.

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with our naturally blended tub tea (See our blog on the science of bathing for a list of benefits of a steamy soak). Unwind and enjoy the purity of each scent, allowing their natural stress relievers to work their magic.

Invite balance into your day with a small spritz of our sleep therapy sleep mist. Spray on your bed or pillow to invite the sweetest of dreams.

The whole range is now available online and in-store. If you are gifting someone else the gift of serenity, be sure to ask us to gift wrap (also available online on request).


We hope you all experience a little bit of sleep therapy each night. We’d love to help in the process of guiding you towards a place of inner peace.


Sweet dreams lovelies. xx