Doing a couple of things right before bed can have a big impact on how you start your next day. Night time can be stressful; dinner to prepare after a long day, maybe kids to put to bed, sometimes even a bit of work to finalise…but what about yourself?

We believe bed time is a ritual that should be the most important part of your day. We all talk about improving ourselves, being happier, healthier; isn’t it all about wellness? Finding small and simple ways to take care of ourselves.You can’t fall asleep on demand (or maybe you can?), but there are a few simple things you can do to help speed up the process, and wake up feeling fresher…so take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a relaxing night. Take the time to…

CLEANSE : Remove your make up, have a quick shower, take a bubbly bath; anything to help you rid yourself from the of stress of the day.

PJs : Time to put your comfiest pyjamas on. Feeling beautiful from the inside also means looking good on the outside. Pick something loose, maybe invest in beautiful pure silk for the softness of it, be inspired! If you are sharing your bed with a partner, he or she might like it too.

BE ORGANISED: You can start preparing the next day, put your alarm on, get your clothes ready, check your to do list, etc.

READ: Maybe a self improvement book, maybe a trashy novel! Reading at night is often all you need to fall asleep, unless of course your reading Nicci French…hello 2am. 

WRITE: Write down what you’re grateful for, your to do list, your weeks resolutions, anything! Putting pen to pan is a great ritual to add into your night time routine. Manifest it and all that.

DREAM: Dreaming is an amazing thing that your mind controls, it’s your subconscious, it reflects your life. Lay down and smile, breath, stretch and sweet dreams lovelies.

Sleep well xxx