Laundry hacks that can save your PJ’s and the planet

With the recent release of Papinelle’s machine-washable silk pyjamas we’ve outlined some tips below that will not only increase the lifecycle of your silk sleepwear but can prevent unsightly pilling, colour fading and help reduce the microplastics being released into the water streams making it better for the planet in the same process!

Washable Silk Pyjamas


1. Quick and Cool is Best

Washing your sleepwear in hot water is not only unnecessary but causes fading and uses more energy to heat the water. Recent research has proven that shorter, cooler wash cycles of about 30 minutes can keep clothes looking better for longer and will release fewer microplastics into our water streams. Papinelle’s washable silk pyjamas and Resort Linen Collection washes best in a gentle cold cycle. We recommend adding a laundry bag to help prevent snags in the machine.


2. When Hand Wash is Required

When handwash is recommended on some of our silk pyjamas or more luxury loungewear (like our cashmere sweater), pre-treating any stains with a Stain Bar will give the fastest and most effective results. This also is most effective when spot cleaning smaller items such as silk sleepmasks or taking a stain off your robe.


3. Less is Best

Have you ever wondered why your trusty pair of denim jeans tend to outlive the rest of your clothes? It’s because they are often washed the least. Pyjamas are frequently worn after a shower and only within the house so you don’t need to wash them as often as work clothes or activewear. Our pure silk pillowcases and eye masks should also only be washed weekly following our silk hand-wash care instructions. Reducing the amount of washes saves a tonne of energy, saves water and increases the longevity of your PJ’s. 


4. Soap Suds Be Gone

Some supermarket detergents are not only a hidden source of plastic microfibres, but excess usage will fade your favourite cotton pyjamas over time. We prefer using eco-friendly detergents instead, that are free from toxic chemicals and microbeads and have much less of an impact on your clothes. Eco-friendly laundry products are developed with a mild formula that is not only suitable for those with sensitive skin, but also gentler on our sleepwear.


5. Pegs not Power

Tumble driers are one of the biggest carbon and energy consuming appliances in our homes. If just one household air dried their clothes naturally during the summer, they’d save 90kg of carbon dioxide. And if every household followed suit, we could collectively offset more than two million tonnes of carbon emissions. Air drying is also a great way to avoid piling on your PJ’s and help them last a lot longer. We recommend line drying all of your silk sleepwear and our silk cotton blend fabrics that weaken when exposed to the heat from a tumble dryer.


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