Easy to Wear, Easy To Wash Silk



Washable silk piped PJ in peony pink


Machine-Washable Silk PJ’s & Loungewear for Effortless Care

Ever so feminine and luxurious, Papinelle's best-loved PJ's and loungewear are now available in machine-washable silk for everyday wear and easy care.

Enjoy the same luxury indulgence but with easy-breezy care

The definition of feminine luxury, silk is Papinelle’s year-round favourite for elegant everyday wear. From casual lounging to catching up on your best night’s sleep, silk is a natural, renewable fabric that offers thermoregulating perks. Elegantly draping your silhouette, our silk collection of PJ’s and loungewear staples can be worn through all seasons – keeping you comfortably cool during the warmer nights and cosying you up during the colder months, it’s a win-win.

Being the delicate fabric that it is, handwashing is always the preferred method for maintaining the longevity of your silk pieces. But we also understand that your busy lifestyle and endless to-do list can get in the way…To ease your laundry chores and save you much-needed time, Papinelle is proud to share our washable  silk collection.

Lovingly crafted for your ultimate convenience, you can now enjoy the same luxury indulgence with easier care properties.

Washable silk stripe shirt & pant


Follow the 5 simple steps below for washing your silk garments in the washing machine

Step 1: 

Place your Papinelle machine-washable silk pieces in a  delicate laundry bag, this will keep the sheen and colour looking brighter. The bag will also protect your silk garments from accidental pulls and snags through every phase of the wash cycle.

Step 2: 

Use a small amount of mild detergent. We personally love ‘The Laundress Signature Detergent’. A blend of blissful ‘clean laundry smell’, it’s an all-purpose detergent for whitening, brightening, and preserving colour while removing stains.

Step 3: 

Place your laundry bag in the washer and machine-wash your silk on a delicate cycle in cold water. Silk doesn’t tolerate heat well and may shrink in a hot cycle. 

Step 4: 

Dry your silk garments flat in the shade.

Step 5:

Once dry, wear them for added confidence and style! Don’t worry if they look a bit crinkled after a wash, that’s part of its nature. As a natural fibre, the oils and heat from your body will help to soften them up.

Washable silk crop shirt & pant

Shop Papinelle’s washable silk collection

Elevating your look, you’ll be feeling like an absolute goddess in our washable silk collection. Featuring classic cuts and colourways, discover your new wardrobe must-haves:

Our piped PJ’s, nighties and nightshirts are your perfect beauty sleep companion. We also have silk boxer PJ sets, short and long robes for relaxed wear from morning coffees till night-time reads and weekend pottering.

Keep an eye out for our ‘Silk Hearts’ Bridal Collection pieces for a delicate sprinkle of romance. Featuring jacquard heart patterns on lightweight silk satin, they’re a gorgeous addition to your sleepwear repertoire. 

HINT: They’re also a fabulous ‘thank you’ gift idea for spoiling your bridal party and will help you create beautiful getting ready photos for the memory bank.

Washable silk piped PJ set in vintage pink & peony pink