The Sleep Secret For Your Pregnancy

Gorgeous mum-to-be Cortney Bigelow of The Grey Edit.

As your baby's birth looms, you need more rest and self-care. That's easier said than done when taking a nap means wrestling with the watermelon on your belly. At a time when your life's loaded with practical considerations like doctor visits and getting that last-minute nursery reno done, silk sleepwear can bring some much-needed luxe to the party. Even better news? It could be just what you need to help you hit the land of nod. 

Let's take a closer look at how to sleep easy when you're pregnant. 

Calm your body from the outside in

Silk-based sleepwear is ideal for expectant moms. Science says that exposing your skin to silk can have a calming effect on the central nervous system. It's also good for the amino acids in our skin – in particular, sensitive skins (hello, stretch marks). A natural fabric like silk is hypoallergenic so your vulnerable bump won't be exposed to any harmful allergens. 

Call in the props

Now how to control that bump? Propping cushions between your legs and behind your back will keep you supported on your side. With the weight shifted off your belly and lungs, you'll find it a lot more conducive to sleep, but did you know it's important to sleep on your side for the health of your baby too? Sleeping on your left side ensures an even flow of oxygen to the foetus. 

Cover up

Sleep masks aren't just a gimmick designed for business-class flights. They're a safe way to trick your body into heading into the sleep zone. When your brain senses pure darkness, it kicks in the production of melatonin, the chemical of sleep. Think of them as blackout blinds for your eyes. 

Love in action

Gorgeous mum-to-be Cortney Bigelow recently shared some intimate shots and reflections before the birth of her baby. Cortney chose a Papinelle Robe from our women's sleepwear which Papinelle customised with ‘Baby Mama'. 

Knowing that a hospital bag needs to be brimming with practical stuff, we love the fact that Cortney chose to pack the Papinelle Black Maxi Nightie for labouring, because of the stretchy comfort and cool feel it offers. A classic piece, this nightie also comes with adjustable straps (a must for feeding flexibility) and also bring a bit of pampering a sterile hospital environment. 

Papinelle has also created a range of soft-touch nighties (a comfortable blend of modal and spandex) with a front-pleat for a flattering and flexible fit to take you from birth to beyond. 

Building The Bond

All your baby really needs once it's born is you. After the exhilarating and exciting birth experience, you'll be in your own little love bubble. But keeping both you and bub warm and comfy while you get to know each other can make all the difference. After the protected, nourishing environment of your womb, you want your baby's first experience of the outside world to be equally gentle and nurturing.

Have you heard about the golden hour? It's the 60 minutes post-birth in which a newborn can benefit immensely from skin-to-skin contact with its new mama. It's backed by science. Yup, that special time between mum and babe can have significant benefits for you both. Experts say taking advantage of that first hour of alertness stabilises the breathing and the heart rate of the baby, colonises the infant with mum's good bacteria and leads to better outcomes of breastfeeding. 

Having a silk robe to slip into post-birth makes it easy for you to snuggle your newborn and keep them close to your skin in that all-important Golden Hour. The lightweight fabric is not only breathable, but it also wicks away sweat. 

To shop our range of silk sleepwear and find out how to personalise your  silk pyjamas using Papinelle's customisation service in Australia, click here.

Follow more of Cortney's journey @thegreyedit and her ultimate hospital bag checklist here.



The little black dress of nightwear! A classic, fluid, unlined nightie with adjustable straps. With a gentle stretch, the fabric feels comfortable against the skin. 


This longer-length 100% silk robe with full-length sleeves is designed for luxe comfort and coziness. Personalised embroidery in Australia, $10. 


The Papinelle front-pleat nighties have a flattering and flexible fit for a growing bump. 


Gentle on your skin and hair while you get your essential slumber sessions. 

 5. SILK EYE MASK, $39,95

Send your brain into sleep mode while protecting the delicate skin around your eyes.


Words: Lori Cohen Image: The Grey Edit