She created the first images of the lavish Carrie Bradshaw, she captured our attention with her interpretation of the glamorous Coco Chanel, and now she is inviting us to experience a night of dazzling dreams filled with all the luxuries a girl could ever wish for.

The talented Megan Hess’ collaboration with our beautiful brand is set to take women everywhere on a trip that only dreams are made of. This exclusive collection explores Megan’s ultimate pampering retreat, the Hotel De Lux. This sumptuous hotel is filled with life’s finest, and much, much more!


Together with Megan’s lush illustrations, Papinelle’s beautiful cotton/silk blend will transform a girl’s dreams into an experience to be envied by all.

This limited edition collection has something for everyone, whether you like a feminine nightie, a comfy and flattering PJ set, or an elegant robe.


Escape to Hawaii where this collection was shot, with the always fabulous Megan Hess showcasing her favourite piece from the collection.

If you’re up for partaking in some of life’s finest indulgences, come and visit us at one of our picturesque Papinelle stores, or head over to our online store.  

Sweet Dreams…