A gorgeous collection set to transform any woman, a location to be envied, a beautiful model, amazing hair and makeup, talented stylist, and an always incredible team. This is what dreams are made of. What could possibly go wrong? The day of our Byron Bay shoot arrives, together with heavy clouds filled with buckets of rain. The picture of summer.

Set in the most exquisite house any of us have ever laid eyes on, our team found ourselves in an ongoing competition with the weather, running in and out of the intricately designed house (mansion if you will) to shoot our big ticket “summer” shots. In the end we came out on top with some of our finest pictures. This was the epitome of perfect imperfection.

SS18 boasts fanciful soft florals, balanced with a stunningly subtle colour pallet. The collection was brought to life in our magical surroundings. We were spoilt for choice, with every room, nook and cranny encouraging a new scene to be set. Boy, did we make it our mission to make those scenes a reality; rain, hail or shine.

This season sees a little subtler playfulness with an expansion of our silk range which has been met with ever growing popularity (look out for slip nighties, cami and boxer sets, and more.), as well as an expansion of our bath and beauty range (look out for products from sleep mists to bath teas).

We are also introducing new fabrics, all of which will no doubt transform your downtime. Keep a look out for beautiful textured cottons, soft towelings, waffle cottons, and more. What more could a girl ask for?!

SS18 is truly a collection for every woman; whether you like something a little more teasing such as our new silks, something more traditional such as our floral prints and classic fabrics, or something that fits perfectly in the middle.

The incredible Louise Van De Vorst, our exceptional model for the day, wore all our SS18 garments with ease, and a subtle playfulness whilst running through the rain and shivering through the cold winds. This shoot was destined to be nothing short of a dream, nothing was going to get in the way of that.

We can’t wait for you to see the collection and experience its true beauty.

We will be taking you deeper behind the scenes in our next blog, stay tuned.

Sweet dreams lovelies. xx