December 01, 2016

We aim to keep things natural and clean. Our fabrics are all derived from pure and sustainable fibres; beneficial to both the environment and you. Only the best.

Central to all our seasonal collections, viscose is an interesting fabric to explore. Natural at it’s core, this unbelievably soft fabric is sourced from wood pulp, and is viewed as the middle man to cotton and silk (yum!).

For us; comfort, beauty, and practicality is always at the forefront of design processes. We truly believe that this fabric ticks all the boxes (and more).

Delving beyond the look and feel, viscose (also known as rayon) is practical in affordability and longevity. You can live in what you love.

Further, Your skin will love you in your viscose. This unique fabric is breathable, absorbent, and assists in regulating body temperature. This is very much essential for steamy summer nights!

You CAN have it all; look gorgeous, and save the world! Sleep easy knowing your Pjs are good for the environment.

Sweet dreams lovelies xx