Natalie Ferrari: Sleepwear & Skincare
We chat to Natalie Ferrari, founder of Sydney’s leading beauty destination The Parlour Room. As a successful business owner and Mum to a beautiful little girl, we wanted to know how she juggles work and home life, how she finds time for self care and her top tips for glowy skin.
What are the  absolute must haves in your skin care routine ?  During my pregnancy, I simplified my skincare routine to its bare essentials due to hormonal flare-ups and heightened sensitivity to product fragrances, which made me feel nauseous. However, in recent months, I've gradually incorporated additional serums and masks into my routine, and the results have made a whole world of difference. 

In the morning, I use the following products: Is Clinical Cleansing Complex, Pro Heal Serum, Is Clinical Hydra Cool Serum, O Cosmedics Comfort Cream, and Laroche Posay SPF 50. 

In the evening, my routine consists of Medik8 Balance Cleansing Oil, alternating between Is Clinical Active Serum or Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 on different evenings, Hydra Cool Serum, and O Cosmedics Comfort Cream

Once or twice a month, I also incorporate the Is Clinical 2-step peel system into my routine.To enhance my morning moisturizer, I mix in a pump of Drunk Elephant Anti- Pollution Drops along with a touch of bronze, which gives my skin a subtle glow.
Do you have any advice or tips for others who are looking to optimise their morning routine, especially in terms of wellness and self-care?  Take a moment to slow down. I make it a priority to pause and dedicate a few precious moments to my skincare routine, allowing myself to catch my breath and indulge in some self-care. Often, the rush to get ready, pack everything for my baby, and head out the door can leave me feeling overwhelmed and stressed.Before Maddy came into my life, I  loved my morning walks, moving  my body and getting my blood flowing. I continued this practice even when she was little, pushing her in the pram as she slept.
I think the most important thing is making sure you still have time for yourself. I have uninterrupted "me time" without distractions from baby or work
How do you ensure you're taking care of your skin, even on busy family days? When it comes to taking care of your skin, it's similar to attending a personal training session at the gym - without consistency, it's difficult to see results. However, with dedication and the right products and treatments, you can achieve that post-facial glow every day. I highly suggest consulting with a trained professional to determine the most suitable skincare routine for your needs. By adhering to it consistently for 4-6 weeks, you'll start to notice visible results.
How has becoming a parent influenced your views on self-care?  Becoming a parent,  you have reduced time for yourself.  Where I used to enjoy taking my time with lots of different makeup steps, doing my hair, doing treatments, so many things, now it’s like, how can I get ready in 15 minutes while she’s napping? Because in her nap I also have to vacuum the house, put a load of washing on, and wash her bottles. I think the most important thing is making sure you still have time for yourself. I have uninterrupted "me time" without distractions from baby or work and I make sure to do Pilates at least twice a week. During those sessions, I keep my phone aside. Additionally, I schedule a monthly facial and beauty treatment at TPR. This practice makes me feel rejuvenated and refreshed, and having it on my calendar helps me plan other activities around it.
“Beauty truly is a state of being, a state of feeling. It’s kindness and inner contentment as much as anything else.”
What is your go-to treatment at The Parlour Room? It’s hard to pick one, my non-negotiables once a month are brows & lashes, pedicure, & a SELF facial. Weekly I’ll get a spray tan whenever I feel I need to feel fresh and glowy, which helps with less sleep haha. 
What is your favourite item of sleepwear and why? I love to feel comfortable when I sleep. Anything that has a soft material and is loose and warm, as I am often cold. So long pants and a top is my go to. A favourite from Panipelle is the Feather Soft Set in Pink :)