Wondering whether you’ll need a private laundry service or a platinum dry-cleaning account if you invest in beautiful new silks? No need for either! Follow our simple how-to instructions of what to do and - perhaps more importantly - what not to do to care for your silks.


1. Use the Right Detergent

    The Laundress knows how tricky it is to care for delicates. We stock their special ‘Delicate Wash’ formula that removes perspiration, body oils and stains while cleaning and preserving fabrics. Ideal for silk sleepwear and accessories, why dry clean when you can provide better care for your delicates at home, minus the cost.

    2. Invest in a Mesh Washing Bag

      Protect your machine-washable silks from tangles and snags in the washing machine with the thoughtfully designed Mesh Washing Bags. These long-lasting, fine-mesh bags won’t catch on the machine drum but provide enough movement for effective cleaning.

      3. Select the Correct Wash Cycle

        Be sure to select a cold, gentle cycle - this is usually called ‘delicate’. Silk does not tolerate heat and may shrink or weaken on a warm or hot cycle. Place your silk sleepwear in the mesh washing bag and add the ‘Delicate Wash’ detergent. Do not bleach or soak the garments.

        4. How to Dry Your Silks

          DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! Silk is an extremely delicate, natural fabric which will be irreparably damaged if placed in a dryer. For best results, line dry your silks in the shade, as exposure to the sun can fade and damage the fabric.

          5. And the Final Step…?

            Wear them! Silk is likely to crinkle after a wash, it’s part of its nature, but the best way to prevent this is to wear them! Silk is a natural fibre and the oils from your body will help soften it up after a wash. The ultimate in natural luxury, your silk sleepwear will have you feeling like a goddess every night!