Our Goals


To proactively educate and engage our stakeholders in the transition to a circular, regenerative, and inclusive economy.

Why is this important to us?

We are passionate about forging a path of transformational change and bringing everyone on the journey with us. By being transparent and open to new ways of thinking we can look to achieve our goals and inspire others to make small changes in their own business & community.


To support the work of charitable organisations that align with our values.

Why is this important to us?

We appreciate we are in a position of privilege and want to use our skills and opportunity to give back to help solve some of the big problems we all face. We recognise we are an apparel brand with limited understanding of these large problems, so want to do better to understand.

Our Challenges


There are massive levels of confusion relating to sustainability.

People are saturated with sustainability-related information and there is huge amounts of greenwashing by some other

Sustainability is complex to communicate.

Our societies are used to rapid, brief, and low-quality of information.

We have multiple messages we need to communicate to our stakeholders.


There are multiple causes we are
passionate about but can not contribute to them all.

We operate in multiple different markets that have different charitable organisations.

Working with charitable organisations takes up time and resources.

FY23 Targets


Establish a clear set of definitions for sustainability-related terms.

Publish and share this strategy with all our stakeholders.

Launch an educational campaign to educate customers on responsible washing and care of their garments.

Ensure our website is informative and clearly and transparently communicates our sustainability vision and strategy.

Ensure our staff have opportunities to provide feedback on and further contributions to this strategy.

Develop and implement a communications plan to competently and confidently communicate our sustainability mission and progress.


Review our historical charitable work and the impacts we’ve had, and establish a policy relating to our charitable work moving forward.

Investigate/research additional potential charitable partners.

Develop a budget for community/charity partnerships for a long-term commitment.

Continue to donate pyjamas and other garments to our partners Thread Together in Australia.

Investigate donating pyjamas to the Kindness Collective in New Zealand.

Investigate “round-up donation” options for our customers.

FY24 Target


Publish an annual Strategy Progress Report.

Use our existing communications channels to bring awareness to and share our learnings on the impacts in this strategy.


Launch partnership(s) with chosen

Provide our staff with a paid day to support our chosen charity partner(s).

FY25 Targets


Publish an GRI sustainability report.

Apply for B-Corp certification.


Publicly report on our charitable impacts.

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