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Made With Liberty Fabrics

Papinelle’s dreamy, new limited-edition sleepwear collection made with Liberty
Fabrics celebrates the fresh, romantic spirit of spring.

The launch of Australian sleepwear brand Papinelle’s new collection made with Liberty
Fabrics is perfectly timed for the arrival of spring, with warmer days and balmy nights
demanding the prettiest PJs with appeal well beyond the bedroom. A floral fantasy of
botanicals and vintage paisley in a dreamy colour palette, this limited-edition collection
effortlessly captures the season’s romantic mood with its complementary pyjama sets,
gowns, and sleepwear accessories.

Liberty Fabrics has been at the cutting-edge of design and decorative arts since 1875. Designed by an in-house team in the heart of London, printing takes place at their mill in northern Italy, which uses both innovative digital technology and age-old techniques. Liberty Fabrics are brilliant canvases for bespoke creations of all kinds.