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Silk Sleep Eye Masks

Enjoy uninterrupted beauty sleep with pure silk sleep masks

Slip into deep, dreamy rest with our silk sleep masks — crafted from luxuriously soft and smooth silk. The seamless construction of each sleep eye mask lets you enjoy an uninterrupted slumber, so you wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Plus, thanks to silk's natural, hypoallergenic properties, our masks are incredibly gentle on your hair, while the smooth fibres protect the delicate skin around your eyes. 

Whether you’re looking for a premium sleep eye mask woven from 22 momme silk with pure silk filament stuffing or a sleep eye mask crafted from organic cotton and silk, our silk sleep masks are the perfect addition to your beauty regime. Available in a wide spectrum of gorgeous colours and prints, you’re sure to find the sleep eye mask that matches your aesthetic. 

Shop luxurious silk sleep masks from Papinelle

At Papinelle, we create a range of eco-friendly essentials — from beautifully crafted accessories to silk pillowcases, stylish cosmetic bags and luxurious silk sleepwear, our mindfully crafted collections are the ultimate must-haves. 


What are the benefits of using an eye mask?

Using our finely crafted eye masks is the key to bedtime bliss. The thick and fluffy pads block out light, allowing you to experience the uninterrupted shut-eye you deserve. Plus, the incredibly soft fabrics used in our eye masks protect the delicate skin around your eyes, preventing unnecessary tugging and straining that could cause fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the best fabrics for sleep eye masks

Silk and cotton silk are considered to be the best fabrics for sleep eye masks. These fabrics regulate body temperature, keeping your skin dry and cool through even the hottest nights and warm and snug during frosty winters. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic, meaning they’re gentle on even the most delicate facial areas. Our sleep eye masks are also ultra-lightweight and extraordinarily breathable, providing the ultimate sleeping experience.