Washable Silk Sleepwear

Treat yourself to luxurious washable silk sleepwear

Sink into the arms of sleep and dream deep with our beautiful collection of washable silk sleepwear. Soft, comfortable and stylish, explore our edit of ultra-feminine women's silk sleepwear, pyjamas, nighties and robes that are designed to elevate every day from mundane to luxurious. 

Timeless, breathable and easy to wash, these washable silk pyjamas are ideal for relaxing around the house when you need some self-care. Available in a wide range of tailored cuts, fitted styles and elegant silhouettes, there’s a range of perfect washable silk sleepwear waiting for you.

Durable enough to handle the tumbles of your machine, these easy-to-care-for classics are crafted from sustainably sourced silk that’s soft-to-the-touch, eco-friendly and gentle on the skin. Discover opulence at its finest, and add our washable silk sleepwear to your wardrobe rotation.

While you’re here, browse our pyjama sets or separates, robes, nighties, women’s loungewear, silk sleepwear, underwear and personalised PJs.


What is the difference between silk and washable silk?

Silk is delicate and is prone to wear and tear if not handled properly. Most outfits crafted from silk require hand washing — on the other hand, our washable silk sleepwear range can be effortlessly put into the wash using a laundry bag. Wash on a gentle cold cycle with toxin-free laundry soap and experience the joy of easy care.

Are washable silk pyjamas breathable?

Yes! Our washable sleepwear is crafted from the finest silk, superbly breathable and lightweight; you can enjoy a good night’s rest even during hot summer nights.

Are washable silk pyjamas warm?

Absolutely! Our washable silk sleepwear is a great choice for winter pyjamas as it is a natural insulator. Silk traps body heat and helps to regulate temperature, making it an ideal fabric for cold nights. So, if you're looking for a pair of warm and cosy pyjamas, our washable silk is a great option.

Are Papinelle Sleepwear’s washable silk pyjamas ethically made?

We take great pride in our ethical production practices. Our range of washable silk pyjamas is created in a BSCI-accredited factory, ensuring that workers are paid a fair wage and receive safe working conditions. Sustainably is an ethos we adhere to, as we believe luxury needs to be ethical and eco-friendly!